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"Thank you for learning exercises to improve/shape the behaviour of the dogs, for showing up when you said you would regardless of the weather, for cleaning out kennels so the dogs returned to a clean space, for taking on extra shifts, for staying on even after tragedy. You each embody the attributes of the ideal, to me, volunteer: responsible, reliable, willing to learn, self motivated and caring. In short, Tracy and Della, thank you for giving so generously of your time and yourselves. With your attitudes I know you will continue to bring joy to whatever you do and those with whom you do it.
Warmest regards, Garda"
Garda Rowe, BC SPCA volunteer - an animal protection, donor-funded service. Vancouver Island, Canada
 We are Della and Tracy, an English, female, couple. We are both in our early 50’s and we have been together for 34 years.
Before deciding to do something different with the second half of our lives, we both had successful careers in banking and the Civil Service. We also had a “family” of pets including a horse, 3 cats and 2 West Highland White Terriers ("our boys" are featured on the Homepage).
We were lucky enough to live in a beautiful home which had the added benefit of a huge garden where we spent many hours, indulging in one of our hobbies namely, gardening - we are no experts but we did landscape the garden ourselves, installed a pond, created a rockery and erected a pergola! We also had a substantial area which we used as our vegetable plot growing (mostly with success!) the usual garden veg - we also had some apple, plum and pear trees and raspberry canes.

We enjoy the outdoors and our hobbies include; horse riding (including an interest in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship techniques), golf, yoga, walking, cycling, vegetarian and vegan cooking, reading and gardening.

We take an active interest in the environment, recycling where possible and support organic initiatives.
We both enjoy the challenge of learning new languages and we both speak conversational French and, very basic Italian and Spanish!
We have travelled extensively, undertaking a number of house and pet sitting assignments in the UK, throughout France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Corsica, Crete, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Hawaii, as well as Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

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