Pet & House Sitters - "Chez Vous" - Professional Pet & House Sitting Service
Over the years we have found that most people want to ask us the same questions, so here are a few questions and answers.
Tel. 07455 183036

Q  Why do I need a House and Pet Sitter - are kennels not just as good?
A Your animals can stay in their own familiar environment and surroundings and be guaranteed the same exercise, feeding and grooming routines and loving care they normally receive. Your home will be occupied and therefore protected from thieves and vandals, giving you that extra peace of mind, enabling you to relax whilst you are away. Maintenance of your home and garden are performed during your absence, ensuring that you will not need to mop up after a burst pipe, or make a trip to the garden centre for yet another lot of patio plants to replace those that died!
Q  Is there a minimum or maximum length of time we can book for?
A We normally have a minimum booking requirement of 7 days, although we will take a shorter booking if we are available, so please ask.  
Q  We have a farm/bed and breakfast (or other home based business), could you take over when we go on holiday?
A Yes, we are willing and able to look after your home and business.  

Q We have Guests/relatives staying in our Home for a couple of nights, will this be acceptable? 
A  We politely decline to provide pet sitting services if you have family or guests staying in your home while you are gone.
Where do you house and pet sit?
A We are able to travel extensively to undertake house and pet sitting assignments.
Q  We have certain valuable or fragile items that we would prefer no one to touch, what do you recommend?
A You can either put them away in a lockable room (please unplug all electrical appliances in the locked room) and leave the key with a family member, or leave them in a safe deposit box, or with friends or family. 

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