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Our comprehensive equestrian service incorporates the following:

Mucking Out
Includes – Removal of all soiled bedding from stable and where necessary add fresh bedding. The bed can be left up or bedded down as required.

Skipping Out
Includes – Removal of droppings only.

Bedding Down
Includes – Laying an already mucked out bed, ready for a horse to be stabled on.

Includes – Cleaning feed buckets, mixing feeds and feeding to horse/pony as instructed.

Hay Nets
Includes – Filling and hanging of all requested/necessary hay nets.

Water Buckets
Includes – Water buckets/drinkers emptied, cleaned and refilled.

Rug Changes
Includes – All requested rug changes to be made at times of visits.

Turning Out
Includes – Taking a horse/pony from a stable to field.

Bringing In
Includes – Taking horse/pony from field to stable.

Includes – A full 20 minute groom to remove excess mud or dirt from coat, mane and tail. Hoofs pick and oiled. Should you require more for your horse/pony this can be arranged on an individual basis.

Includes – Tacking up for lunging in specified equipment, lunging of horse/pony for exercise, un tacking of horse/pony.

Field Checks
Includes – Checking horse/pony at grass, filling of field water buckets/troughs, hay and feeding of horse/pony and any rug changes required.

Field Waters
Includes – Checking and filling of all requested field troughs.

Field Skipping
Includes – Removal of droppings from requested fields.

Tack cleaning
Includes – Cleaning and oiling of tack as requested.

Attendance for Farrier / vet visits
Includes – Attendance for visits and handling of horse/pony.

Please contact us directly if you would like more details regarding our Equestrian Services.
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